A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned about finally getting something that i waited for so long, and was very happy that finally got it (here)

I got this from a frienbd, dear Chika. I was so happy to got hold of this baby along with another radio gadget which i will update later, hehe. Actually, Chika first helped me with a Hello Kitty toaster, but i still haven't use it or update it on the blog. It was 6 months ago, hahahhaha. Thousand thanks Chika, muackssssss.

Anyway, this is a wonderful little gadget for any bed side. Nothing much better than waking up to a Hello Kitty Clock :)

The design itself is quite unique. It's actually a BIG ice cream cone with lots of colorful ice cream sprinkles. There are a few buttons on top to control the alarm or snoozing it (which is basically my fav, LOL).

Well, couple of days ago, I found out that Nana World @ Bangsar Baru stock this baby as well. So for those of you who are keen on getting this, head on to Nana World while it's still there.

Bourbon's Hello Kitty Butter Cookies (Yellow)

This is my 2nd entry for Bourbon's Hello Kitty Butter Cookies series. You can find the 1st entry here (Red Color Version).

The different between the yellow and red is CREAM. Hehe. The cookies in the red tin have chocolate flavor and also cream mixed in the ingredients. The yellow one don't have any cream in them.

To be frank, the cookies are a bit hard to my taste. I still prefer the Royal Dansk butter cookies, softer and richer in taste.
Still, this is very good item to add into HK collection, IMHO. So, for those of you who are interested in this, here are some info.

Location: Shojikiya

Normal Price: RM29.90
Current Price @ Gardens: RM23.90 (not sure if this is the same at all their stores)
Shojikiya Outlet: The Gardens, Mid Valley, One Utama Old & New Wings, Hartamas Shopping Center, Sunway Pyramid, Desa Park City

Hello kitty Bowl Hugger!!! Kellogg's doing promotion free Hello Kitty Bowl Hugger, Kitty cup and spoon set now. Just find about this promotion from Suet yi blog yesterday. Thanks lot Suet if not i also wont know about it so soon.

My best friend could have told me also but she didn't!!! Kindda sad. Anyway thanks a lot for being a friend LoL.

Bought it at Jusco, for RM10.60 each box and you can find you very cute Hello Kitty Bowl Hugger in the box.
Buy 2 box and you'll get the cup and spoon for free.

Gonna go get another 2 boxes (at least) later, LOL. And I'll have to eat this choco cereal for a loooooonnnggggggg loooonnnnnggggg time..... =_='''

Bought this Hello Kitty Butter Cookies for Hari Raya!! The cookies shape is not Hello Kitty shape, its just a normal butter cookies. But i love the tin!!

Bought this Hello Kitty Vintage Watch from Nana World Bangsar. They have 2 colour brown and light brown. I'm a bit confuse which colour should i take because both colour is nice!! After half hour finally i decided to take this colour back home with me hahaha. Its so Vintage and i like it very much. This is my 1st Hello Kitty Watch and the only one!!! The reason I got this watch is my love for watches is huge! LOL. I love them, and having one with kitty is a must ;)

Hello Kitty Glue

Bought this cute Hello Kitty Glue early this year at Nana World Telawi Bangsar .Love it because its transparent!! From the picture its look like light hehehe.

I'm really happy today because i received a hello kitty that i waited for so long hehehe I'll publish it some other days. Can't wait to play with them!!!!

My new lappy bag yayyyyy!!!!! Been looking for Hello Kitty lappy bag in black colour quite a while already. Love the pink polka dot lining.Last time i just use the Golla lappy bag in black, but the size is really small just can fit my lappy and i cant put other things inside.Really happy to have this LoL. The size a bit bigger from my mini lappy but i can put more things inside now.