Bought this Hello Kitty Table Lamp at jusco. Its for my lovely daughter room and she love it very much but she still ask me whether i can get for her doraemon table lamp -_-'''

Finally got a Red Hello Kitty Umbrella!! After months of searching, got 1 in my fav colour!! Yay!!

Note: This is not Sanrio Original though, but I still love it so much!

Hello Kitty Mouse that i like the most!!! Because it was in black colour lol.

This is one awesome table lamp. Why? Coz it's made of metal base!! It's also very flexible and offer good lighting. Most important of all, it comes in White and Red, which are my fav combination.

There are not too much prints of HK on this lamp, which i find it to be very nice. Less is More, kan? hehe It's pretty heavy too.

This Hello Kitty House Phone with caller ID for my bedroom. The hello kitty wing will have a light whenever there is incoming call. This is a must item for all hello kitty lover out there!!!