Merry X'mas

Merry X'mas everyone!!!

I knew about this adorable light from my best friend wishlist. Found it on ebay, and bought it with the help of cousin that stay in US. Since she's coming back for x'mas, I feel safer if the seller ship it to her instead.

The best part of this light is that you only need 3 AA batteries to operate it. It's very handy and mobile.

Very cute light, though I wish they are in larger size, hehehe.

Thank you my lovely cousin!! yay!!

Btw, if anyone interested, you can find this light HERE.

Thanks to the lovely chika, I finally got this super toaster with Hello Kitty face. So from now on, every piece of my toast will have a hello kitty, haha.

There are some buttons on the toaster for easy operation such as deforst and reheat.

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