Last nite after buka puasa went to Secret Recipe Jusco Cheras Selatan. After that went to household department to get this mattress but unlucky for me its already sold out. Heard that all Jusco will open till 12midnight then we decided to go to Jusco puchong and try our luck there.
I'm really happy coz Jusco puchong have it hehehe. Sabrina so happy too coz i can sleep inside her room from now on.Normally i wont sleep in her room coz she had only a single bed. Her fat mummy can't share a single bed!!!! hahaha
I wanted the curtain and the others things too but its sold out ad. Only left pink which i more prefer red!! The sales assistant really had a good service and they will help me to repeat order. I went to few Jusco but no one offer me like that.Hopefully i can get!!!!

This cute scissors bought early this year. Its not sanrio item but i don't care and i love it!!! The size is a bit small not suitable to cut big things. More use full if the size is big LoL.

Bought this from LisaDearlova for my nds. Lisa such a sweat heart!!!! I order this from her and she gave others things too, hehehe my favourite chocolate n sorry no pic coz all inside my tummy ad LoL. And Sabrina love the bag, thanks Lisa muacckkksss!!!

This pouch is giving by my sweet friend glazsliper@ida. Love it so much!! And its fit my Psp hehehe. I told her that im looking for hello kitty psp cover since last year, n sad i could'nt find one! Until last thursday she gave me this,Thanks again dear!! Love the colour :)

Hello Kitty Press Rice/ sushi mould
Hello Kitty Mayonis case
Hello Kitty pepper container