Love this Hello Kitty mirror!!!!! My favourite colour hehehe.Come together with the comb.

Thanks lots for this great gift my lovely twins !!!! U saw my expression when u gave it to me that day. hahaha Sorry i cant hide it. Thanks Twins!!

We all here missing u already!! Love from all of us muackkssss!!!!!

Hello kitty Rement !!! For my blythe girl. This Sanrio Vintage Mini have 9 set actually. But only 3 set is hello kitty item. Love it so much. This coming august will have 1 more Hello Kitty Rement its on pre order now by cuteminis rement online store. Click link
Others country have it ad LoL.

Hello kitty Car sunshade

I love this range so much!!! I'm still looking for others things for this range and hope i can complete this Hello kitty car accessories range soon :)

Bought this hello kitty make up case at Hello kitty event at sg wang plaza. The price is really reasonable.

Bought at nana world bangsar last few month.

Bought at nana world bangsar last month. Love it coz its RED!!! My favourite colour. I haven't use it yet. My hello kitty car accessories haven't complete and still many things need to find lol.