at shop

actually yesterday morning i bring few my hello kitty to shop, ingat nak snap2 pic then can post. but end up taking random pic hehehe.
the hello kitty inside plastic.
thinking to snap which one first??

my favourite colour red and black

if this morning got time i snap the hello kitty pic k. bye gudnite all.

bought this hello kitty phone NK62 at bangkok last year (2008). its a touch skrin phone, mp3, mp4 and got bluetooth.

Latest Haul!

huhu, latest latest!!

love this hello kitty camera. old style need to use film and develop process. im still looking for a flash to add on this camera. hope i will find it soon hehehe.

this is my room with my hello kitty collection.its really messy i know hahaha. i will categorize them in others post. still have few boxes that i didnt snap photo so paiseh k.

i got this hello kitty mp3 player recently. he gave me when im at work.he like to suprise me hehehe. he know that im searching for this like crazy,i went to so many place that sell hello kitty but i cant find this. im really happy thanks lots.

since purchased until now i still havent use it. hehehe still keep it inside box, coz i my old dryer still in good condition.

MAC Kitty!

hello kitty mac was captured on working area at home. so cute right?
the hello kitty mac inside glass display cabinet. as u can see next to it another display cabinet so messy hahaha no time to arrange them.
this pic was taken in my shop right after me and my sister bought it. mine is hello kitty plush, hello kitty brush set and hello kitty compact mirror. my sister bought the hello kitty eye shadow set, hello kitty compact powder and hello kitty blusher.
its me lor.


These are prizes, not available for sale over the counter.